At Jersey Devil CrossFit we have a very simple philosophy on food: Eat the real stuff.

Greg Glassman was onto something when he said to eat vegetables and lean meat, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. But in today’s world, where conflicting and confusing information is hurled our way from every direction, this can seem like quite a challenge. Like the gym, the kitchen can be an intimidating space. Take a deep breath, we’re here to help.

Here at WOD, Eat, Repeat you’ll find recipes and tips for healthy eating. We’ll talk about nutrition, the basics and the not so basic . We want to break it all down so that eating right can be more manageable in your sometimes crazy life.

Proper nutrition is not just paramount to performance, but paramount to life. You don’t have to do CrossFit to benefit from good nutrition. This blog is for the eater, regardless of your background or fitness regimen. We don’t care where you came from. We care where you’re headed and that you’re marching on with a brain full of sound advice and a belly full of food you can feel good about. None of that fake stuff here.

So what are you waiting for? Go get reading. Get cooking. Get eating!



  1. Awesome, just came across this. Great information, luv it. If I can I would like to post some nutrition tips and pointers in the near future. Real men cook.


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